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Laser Hair Removal is a convenient and effective method to remove unwanted hair permanently. The process involves the application of a concentrated beam of light into the hair follicle which disables the hair’s ability to grow without damaging the surrounding skin. Laser Me and Beauty, use  the world’s fastest and most advanced laser hair removal technology in Shoalhaven.

For maximum comfort to our clients, our laser machines provide constant cooling to protect the skin, making the treatment comfortable and virtually painless. Our state-of-the-art lasers set the gold standard for the best technology available for removing hair quickly and efficiently. The laser technologies emit a light that is absorbed by the colour (melanin) in your hair. The light generates heat that travels down the hair shaft to the hair follicle under the skin, permanently disabling its ability to regrow, and leaving your skin silky and smooth.

Laser Me and Beauty use the latest laser hair removal device from Syneron-Candela, the GentleMax Pro. This technology was invested in because it is up to three times faster at removing unwanted hair than other devices.  The GentleMax Pro technology is designed to cater for both dark and light skin types, sensitive skin and can be used on all areas of the body. For Fair to Medium Skin, we use the Candela Gentle LASE Pro Series and for Medium to Dark Skin, we use the Candela Gentle YAG Pro Series.

This is your opportunity to try the most advanced laser hair removal service in Shoalhaven, the GentleMax Pro by Syneron-Candela. Our experienced therapists will evaluate your hair and skin type to create a customised treatment plan to achieve the best result.

Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Laser and IPL ?

IPL devices are NOT lasers! IPL is often confused with laser and is also often mistakenly sold by salons as laser hair removal. IPLs tend to be used more often in beauty salons rather than skin clinics and are only favoured as the systems are far cheaper.

The main difference between Laser and IPL is lasers are much more powerful, effective, accurate and specific than an IPL . Much higher power can be delivered with each pulse of light due to the fact that Lasers use a single wavelength (one colour). This specifically targets pigment within the hair, the entire laser light is effective in the treatment of hair removal.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL- not so intense) uses a broad spectrum of light (many different colours) which is absorbed into the skin by a number of different components. Not all of these colours are effective in the treatment of hair reduction.

How should I prepare for my laser hair removal treatment?

Avoid sun exposure at least two weeks before your treatment.

Do not wax, tweeze or bleach for four weeks prior to your treatment.

Shave the area 24 hours prior to your treatment, leaving a small patch of hair for your therapist to access colour and thickness in order to achieve best results.

Fake tan must be removed from skin.

Post treatment advice 

Avoid sun exposure throughout your course of treatments and directly after. If the area does become exposed to the sun, ensure it is protected with a high quality sunscreen. We recommend asap’s moisturising daily defence SPF50+. (You should be wearing sunscreen all the time to protect your skin!)

The treated area will have a mild sunburn sensation. Application of asap’s soothing gel is recommeneded.

Do not tweeze or pull at hairs they will fall out naturally.

Exfoliate three days after your treatment with an exfoliating mitt.

Avoid excessive exercise and sweating after your treatment to avoid irritation.

Do not use AHAs or retinol on the treated area for three days before and after your treatment.

Attending all treatments at the regular intervals and sticking to the schedule advised by your Therapist will maximise your benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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